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Airsoft games take on a variety of forms from quick to long, simple to involved, indoors and out.  Depending on the level of experience, the type of gaming area and the gear available, a wide range of individual gaming options can be generated.  Most types of games fall into one of the following categories with their own particular objective(s).


Skirmish is the term often used to describe a quick game with simple objectives.  These are often played as a warm up to a larger game or as an introduction to new players or when testing out a new field.

Skirmishes often use low powered guns as they can often involve close engagement similar to CQB.


“MilSim”, short for Military Simulation, generally combines Airsoft play with some military live-action role-playing elements. Several goals or missions are assigned to each team. The teams will remain in the field for the duration of play, only returning to a staging area or “safe zone” for medical emergencies or other special circumstances. Military simulation games often last several hours or in some large events, days.


Close Quarters Battle (CQB), is the style of game play where combatants engage at close distance - usually in a mock-urban or indoor environment.  

Guns are usually low powered to avoid injury and players wear a lot more safety gear than they might on an open field where they are less likely to be hit.

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