Tactical & Safety Gear

Looking Good and Staying Safe

One of the aspects of Airsoft that attracts a lot of players is the huge range of mock-tactical military gear available.  Whether you are a military enthusiast / re-enactor or a fan of first-person-shooter console games, if there is a particular type of load-out that interests you there is a good chance you can assemble it for Airsoft!

It's not all about looking like your favourite movie star though.  Safety is always very important and a lot of the Airsoft gear revolves around keeping players protected on the field.

Camo's (BDU)

Battle Dress Uniform or BDU is the term given to the camouflage suit worn by soldiers.  

BDU's for Airsoft come in most popular real-world patterns, new and vintage, and are a popular starting point for any new player.  Mostly because camo is going to offer you a much better chance of not being seen than your regular clothes.

Masks & Goggles

Eye protection is mandatory when playing Airsoft and good goggles or well fitted safety specs are a great option.  Both must be high impact rated to ensure they will not shatter when hit by a BB - sunglasses will not do!

Masks are a great option if you want to avoid any potentially painful face hits.  These are available in half face or full face types and are commonly made of mesh or thick plastic.

Gloves & Pads

Gloves are popular with players who engage in a lot of close battles where finger and hand shots are common.

Pads, mostly kneepads, are used when a player often kneels or crawls on the field.  Some BDU's have pads built into them so you don't have to strap on external ones.

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