New Zealand Firearms Law

Airsoft Guns are NOT Toys

There is a lot of confusion within the public as to whether an Airsoft gun is a firearm - they are.  They are governed by the NZ Firearms Code and have their own special classification.  Make sure if you buy or use an Airsoft gun you treat it as though it were a "real" firearm.

For more information about NZ Firearms Law, view the NZ Firearms Code:
ONLINE VERSION: NZ Firearms Code - Online
You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to view or print this PDF document. Get a free copy here

Or visit your Local Firearms Officer.


Unlike a conventional firearm, if you are older than 18 you do not require a licence to purchase, use or transport an Airsoft gun.  You will however have to give the store some details for their records and proof of age.

If you are between 16 & 18 years you will require a NZ Firearms licence.


As with all real firearms, Airsoft guns need to be transported out of sight.  This means boxing or bagging them when in public and not leaving them laying on the carseat for the public to see.

Having your Airsoft gun out in public areas constitutes a firearms offence and can incur a fine and jail time.

Underage Players

Any player under the age of 18 who does not have their firearms licence cannot buy, sell or transport an Airsoft gun.  They can still play Airsoft but only under the direct supervision of an adult.  This is often a parent or guardian or a veteran Airsoft club member.  

Some clubs restrict certain game types to players 18 and over.

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