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Supporting Airsoft and all those involved

NZ Airsoft is proactive in supporting people in New Zealand involved in our sport.  This includes everyone from the new player right up to clubs and retailers.  This site will be updated with more resources and information each week to provide a hub for anyone in New Zealand wanting to know more about Airsoft.

New Players

With any new interest there are new questions.  Check out the NZ Airsoft FAQ pages or contact us directly here if you require any information about Airsoft.

Airsoft FAQ's

NZ Airsoft FAQ's

Event FAQ's

We also have hire gear available so you can try the sport before buying your own gear.  Bring your family, friends or workmates along and get a discount!

If you are interested in finding or joining a local game, check out the Airsoft Clubs Directory or the Event Calendar.


Starting or running an Airsoft club can be very labour intensive and many clubs struggle to find the time to organise a lot of the small details.  After all, it's the game we are interested in, not the administration!  NZ Airsoft will provide administration resources - free - to any NZ Clubs such as Game Day forms, Game scenarios, Safety Sheets, Safety Recommendations and more.  

NZ Airsoft also supplies an Airsoft Club Directory with contact information so the public can find and contact clubs in their area.  Clubs can also request their upcoming games to be added to our event calendar.  If you would like your club added to the directory, please fill out the Club Directory Registration form - it's FREE to join!

More resources are being added each week.  If you have an idea for resources you'd like to see on offer, please contact us.


Supporting our local retailers is a great way to ensure Airsoft remains a sport in New Zealand.  Buying locally supports our economy, creates jobs and gives the Airsoft player someone local to talk to about purchases and warranties - something you don't get from overseas stores.  Show your support by buying from these NZ based retailers in our Directory:

Airsoft Business Directory

If you are a NZ based retailer and would like to be added to our list, please fill our the Business Directory Registration form - it's FREE to join!

If you have any questions please contact us.

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