Promoting Airsoft

Promoting the Sport of Airsoft

Promoting Airsoft is the first big hurdle we need to overcome. Once we have raised awareness of Airsoft and proven its worth to the public we can begin to grow a sporting organisation that has real value in the community.  Promoting Airsoft through multiple advertising streams and endorsing it as a sport to the community is the first step toward public acceptance and involvement.

Advertising Avenues

  • A comprehensive Website 
  • Newspaper and Radio Advertising 
  • Visiting to youth organisations 
  • Visiting community groups 
  • Promoting Airsoft at Schools as an alternative to more traditional sports 
  • Attend public events such as AMP shows, Airshows, Kids days and Military Shows 
  • Contact businesses about corporate events 
  • Aligning ourselves with IPSC shooting (international practical shooting confederation) and other already recognised firearm related shooting events 
  • Contacting local government and public figures with an offer to get involved in Airsoft 
  • Seeking new fields and venues on which to play 
  • Contacting Military and Law enforcement agencies to become involved in Airsoft for training purposes

Key Points to Promote

  • The Laws associated with Airsoft Guns 
  • Clarifying that Airsoft guns are not related to high powered air rifles and air pistols 
  • Education about safe and legal use of Airsoft guns 
  • Removing the stigma associated with combative firearm sport 
  • Promoting Airsoft as a safe sport (especially compared to other recognized sports!) 
  • The social benefits of Airsoft as a team sport 
  • How to get involved / contact local clubs 
  • The events that we will be running 
  • The community work we are involved with 
  • The sponsorship programme we offer to kids 
  • How to legally acquire Airsoft guns in NZ 
  • Promote “Green Gaming” by using bio-degradable BB’s where possible. 
  • Promote “Mask Safety” by supplying lensed goggles along with full face mesh masks
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