NZ Airsoft Hire Gear

What do you get?

Apart from an awesome experience, you also get some pretty cool gear to play with.  

The Gun

ICS Metal Proline CXP-15 (ICS Model 125) 

This is an M4 style assault rifle platform.  It features two fire modes, Safe and Semi.  The guns do not fire fully auto as this burns through too much battery life and many clubs don't like first time players spraying BB's all over the game.

The guns a top quality, made rom a combination of metal receivers (body) and nylon fibre attachments.  The stock is positionable so players can set it to a comfortable length.  Each gun comes with a plastic hi-capacity magazine and PEQ (battery) box.

The gun comes fitted with 1 x 7.4v 1800mah Lithium Polymer Battery which will last for approximately 2500 rounds!

Safety Gear

Safety is very important and we want our new players to go home happy and unharmed.

NZ Airsoft supplies a choice of impact safety specs or firm fitting safety goggles.  These are mandatory at all games.  Both have been well tested to prove effective agains high powered Airsoft guns at close range.

We also offer half face Mesh Masks for those wanting more face protection.  These cover the lower face inlcuding the nose and mouth ans also offer ear protection.  These masks are optional for any player over 18 but are mandatory for any player under 18.

We recommend players also wear a hat or hoody, long sleeves and pants.  Gloves are also a good idea if you are playing a close quarters game.  Ask the NZ Airsoft organiser for more details.

Ammo (BB's) 

The hire packs come with a minimum 1,000 BB's*.  Some events or booking packages may include additional BB's in the package deal.  Please note that the minimum amount supplied may vary depending on your booking parameters or field owners requirements.

Additional bags of 0.20g BB's can be purchased at a cost of:

$5 per 1,000
$20 for 5,000

These can be ordered prior to your event or purchased on the day.

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