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What is NZ Airsoft?

New Zealand Airsoft Limited is an business set up by a group of NZ based Airsoft enthusiasts and community contributors who are keen to promote and expand Airsoft as a sport in New Zealand. We want to remove Airsoft from the shadows and introduce it to the public as not only a viable sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, but as a sport that can make a real difference in the lives of those involved and the communities they live in. This sounds like a pretty lofty goal, but when you think of other common sports and how their members and their affiliated organisations work within the community you can see that we are simply embarking on a mission to raise Airsoft to that level. To accomplish this we plan to promote Airsoft through advertising and public events, as well as meeting with local businesses and community organisations to promote the sport and the contributions our organisation can make to the community.

Promotion & Education

Key to growing Airsoft in NZ is the education of the public about the sport, the equipment, the clubs and the laws.  NZ Airsoft will be actively promoting and advertising both online and off as well as attending public events.

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Airsoft Events

NZ Airsoft will be visiting and hosting events open to the public as well as organising booked corporate and private events to help get the public on the field and into the game.  With hire gear available, event bookings of up to 30 players can be taken.

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