Central Airsoft & Mil-Sim (CAMS)

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  • Location: Taupo
  • No. of Members: 10+
  •  No. of Fields: 1

Central Airsoft & Mil-Sim (CAMS)

Central Airsoft & Mil-Sim ( C.A.M.S ) was created by a group of like minded Airsoft enthusiasts with the intent on promoting Airsoft to its full potential by utilising military simulation, demonstrating team work and most of all stressing the fun factor.

Every player at our games is given the chance to show their true personal integrity through this great sport.

Central Airsoft & Mil-Sim or C.A.M.S acquired a partnership with a local land owner and found ourselves a home playing field of approx 60 acres with further expansion possible at a later date. Utilising the natural topography of the land C.A.M.S seeks to create an immersive enviroment for gameplay of either short skirmishes or protracted scenerio based gameplay.

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