AWI & NZ Airsoft at Armageddon Hamilton 2014 Expo

NZ Airsoft will be attending the Hamilton Armageddon Expo this 24th - 25th May in support of Airsoft Waikato In (AWI).

Airsoft Waikato will be providing attendees to this year’s Hamilton Armageddon Expo the opportunity to experience the sport of Airsoft with a shooting range and gun display. Come along to our stall and shoot rifles and pistols and learn how to disassemble a pistol!! Airsoft club members and NZ Airsoft Reps will be present to answer any questions you may have about Airsoft and how to get involved in the sport.

Airsoft related spot prizes will be up for grabs throughout the weekend to help those interested in the sport get started as soon as possible. Airsoft Waikato Inc and NZ Airsoft are looking forward to introducing as many people as possible to the sport of Airsoft at Hamilton Armageddon Expo 2014.

Fee applies.

Visit the Armageddon Website

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