Building Props for Waikato Show

When you have a large area to fill at a show, you need a lot of promo material.  With the Waikato Show looming, and having acquired 96m2 to fill, it was all hands on deck to create enough interesting props to make our NZ Airsoft booth as exciting as possible.

Luckily for us, one of the local print shops was having a special on laminated posters.  This gave us the chance to take up some wall space with 4 new high quality NZ Airsoft promo posters.  In addition to these we printed out several A3 posters promoting the local clubs who were attending the show as well as the Waikato Show Raffle and AWI game day.

All the display stands received a new coat of grey textured paint, making the black display guns really "pop".

The booth was themed with faux sandbags filled with newspaper and beanbag polystyrene (who wants to lug heavy sand through a hall!).

Two new NZ Airsoft promoters joined the ranks in the form of two new mannequins, "Swaggy & Yolo".  Swaggy sported some stylish multicam combat attire with Yolo helping out by displaying the First Prize Raffle items.

With Matt from No Limitz Photography attending to take photographs of the public, we took the opportunity to create a fake battle damaged sandstone wall to use as a backdrop.  This came out very well and really added some detail to Matts stunning photos.  

With all the gear out to make one wall we decided to make some more to border the TV display.  This helped screen off our storage area and made a nice backdrop to our viewing booth.

We'd like to thank all the Airsoft members who donated display guns and theming for the event.  A special thanks to Slipknot who allowed us to use his 50 cal Browning prop which got a lot of attention.

You can check out how all these items, and others, came together to product an amazing stall in the Waikato Show Galleries.

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