IMAX chargers: Real or Fake?

I collected a new IMAX B6 mains charger for a fellow Airsofter recently and it reminded me of a couple of encounters with counterfeit models I've had in the past.

Here are a few tips on checking if your IMAX product is legit or a clone knockoff.

1. Check the base of the unit for the SkyRC hologram. No hologram, no deal!
2. Check the quality of the box and manual printing. With legit models it is clear and certainly ink-press printed. Not photocopied or laser printed like the clones.
3. The start button on the originals is labelled, well, "Start". On many clones it is misspelled "Stert", I kid you not.

Remember, if you are paying IMAX prices for an IMAX charger, expect to receive an IMAX product. While a fake IMAX clone charger may be no worse than a cheap non-brand charger, it's important that you know what you are buying. Some retailers give you the option of picking real or fake and price them accordingly.  As long as the choice is left up to the consumer it's fair.

You are within your rights to refuse a clone that is sold as the real deal. Clones are manufactured to unknown specifications and have been known to damage batteries.  

Make sure to check any future purchases!

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