Just in time for Xmas - 30 New ICS Hire Guns!

There is no point promoting a sport if the people who are keen have nothing to play with.  Ergo, Hire Guns!

30 Brand new ICS Proline (metal) CXP-15 hire guns is a failry heftly investemtn but when you are serious about promoting your sport to the public and getting new players involved in your local club it is worth the time and money to do things properlyt?

So why did I pick these guns?  Well, anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of an ICS fanboy, but with good reason.  The ICS M4 split gearbox design has proven itself to be a winner on and off the field.  The ability to unjam a gun or swap a gearbox in seconds (yes, seconds) is invaluable on a game day.  the easy disassembly and servicing saves a lot of time in the workshop.

This particular model was chosen for several reasons:

  • It's compact for young players
  • The rail system is securely attached to the body
  • The guns don't really need optics so the fold away sights were a great idea
  • The front rails is polymer making it comfortable without the need for rail covers
  • The length of the gun means the flash-hiders are lees likely to be knocked off in doorways

The guns are firing a steady 300fps on 0.25g (330fps on .020g) making them perfect for new players and CQB arenas.  The first order of business will be to upgrade all the battery connectors to the XT60 variety to accommodate the Turnigy Li-Poly batteries we will be using.

If you, your friends, family or workmates are interested in getting a group onto the Airsoft field for a game, contact me here to discuss booking options: bookings@nzairsoft.co.nz 

If you'd like to grab your own nice shiny new ICS M4, visit ASGC.

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