New KWA Kriss Vector at ASGC

Every once in a while an Airsoft gun hits the market and all heads turn.  I've been hearing all the boys in Airsoft fawning and gibbering about some "Vector thing", "the Kriss", and "the gun Mila uses in the last Resident Evil movie", for several months now.  To be honest I mostly ignore this sort of talk as boys tend to fawn and gibber about almost anything so you never know what's worth listening too.

Well, I have to admit that sometimes they gibber for good reason.

It's impossible to take a trip to Auckland without spending some time (and usually some money) at ASGC, the Airsoft Gun Centre.  They had just taken possession of the brand new KWA Kriss Vector and were keen to let us try it out.  At first glance you don't know what to make of it.  It's simply so different from anything else that your brain has a hard time rationalising it.  All you can think is "Ermagerd!", and that is where it stops.

The futuristic look aside the gun is amazing to hold.  It is compact and solid feeling yet still light and well balanced making it extremely comfortable.  While not a fan of gas guns (other than pistols) I think the Vector would be a very welcome addition to my collection, even if it was just to gaze at lovingly.  

I won't go into all the specification here, only to say that many players may find the Kriss a little hot for the smaller club fields or CQB arena.  This will force them to have to run the gun on expensive low powered gas but that is a small price for the joy of having this baby in your arms.

You can check out this great review from Redwolf Airsoft for more info: Link to RedWolf TV on YouTube

Buy your own KWA Kriss Vector from ASGC here

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