Nexus Objective After-Game Review

We had the chance to test out another NZ Airsoft points-based scenario in Taupo last Saturday in conjunction with Central Airsoft & Milsim.

The system played out as per its design and, again, required no use of Marshals on the field. (Mercs and CAMS players still kept a watchful eye on the game but no one had to give up a day of gaming to be a dedicated marshal).

There were fewer numbers than expected but the scenario adapted with the simple dropping of one team and it had no impact on the game play, proving the simple flexibility of the game design.

Due to the simple hit and medic system players were able to concentrate on achieving objectives rather than trying to remember complex the game rules. The complexity of the game is kept for the points and cash and what you can do with each throughout the day. As teams quickly picked up on how things worked the gameplay evolved as team earnings enabled more options such as hiring Mercs and placing Bounties on rival teams.

Things really heated up around lunchtime when the first Bounty was issued. After that we saw teams banding together, players scheming and the points table going up and down as they were won or lost to Bounty hunters. It was great to see team fortunes changing as rivalries and partnerships formed and teams started taking each other out to raid for more bonuses.

A quarter of the field were new players and they were all partnered up experienced club members. The winning team included Falcon (AO), 2 of his brand new Ohope members (with NZ Airsoft hire guns) and Spanky (NZ Airsoft). They proved at the end of the day making the most of your team resources, (in this case it was tactics plus young legs), can win over opponents with more experience and flasher gear.

Not all teams played to be at the top of the leader-board. The Auckland team, who generally engage in more mil-sim style games, opted to roam the field in a military squad fashion. This might have guaranteed them the bottom spot for points but more importantly it meant they could still enjoy a day of Airsoft even though the format was not tailored around their regular style. Their tactics, along with the BL-Tech BOS units they employed, added a brilliant component to the game which greatly enhanced the overall experience for all the other points-driven teams on the field. One of the highlights of the day was their agreement to an impromptu Trader Bounty being placed on them to finish off the game - thanks guys!

Most rewarding on the day was seeing everyone happy and having a good time. The fantastic level of sportsmanship and friendly banter was great to see. I was at the trader station all day but was told that on the field players were complimenting their enemies for good hits and praising each other for good conduct. While the game style is designed to remove any confusion that might cause issues on the field, I cannot thank the players enough for bringing positive attitudes to the event and playing with integrity. Airsoft is all about having a good time with like minded people so there is nothing better than seeing laughing, smiling players at the end of the day.

 Thanks to all involved - I hope to see you all at a bigger and better NEXUS OBJECTIVE in 2015!

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