Nexus Objective Certificates for CAMS

With a background in design and branding I look forward to being able to employ my "work day" resources to enhance my "play day" interests.  In this case it is setting up some themed Nexus Objective certificates for the Central Airsoft & Mil-Sim event on the 30th of August which NZ Airsoft have been invited to to help run.

The certificate us a background image I purchased from and the logo I developed for the event.  I used Photoshop to tweak the background then assembled the certificate in Illustrator.  The certificates will be laser printed onto a nice satin stock and presented to the winning team on the day during the after function BBQ.

I initially start used certificates at the Asylum Night Terror and they were well received.  Players enjoy having something to take away from an event to show they did well.  I can see themed certificates being presented at a lot of upcoming NZ Airsoft run events.

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