Visiting the Taranaki Airsoft Rangers

I had the chance to catch up with the Taranaki Airsoft Rangers (TAR) yesterday (Saturday 28th June) during one of their local games. They are a great bunch of guys who really enjoy the sport and are getting new players involved. They have a brilliant field with lots of vegetation, hides and cover while still offering plenty of gaps for long shots. Something to offer everyone, from CQB to sniping. They also have hire gear available so if you are keen to try Airsoft in the Naki, look them up.

There were all manner of guns on the field including Josh with his sexy M249 "making it rain". It was great to see Airsoft snipers in action with guns that performed well in the hands of players who knew how to use them.

I took over 500 photos during the afternoon, with the best 350 being uploaded to DropBox for the club to use.  My poor point-and-shoot camera was less than ideal for action shots (especially with a field of very active players - I think the club must run on caffeine!)  So I can see an NZ Airsoft DSLR being added to the wish list.

I had the opportunity to chat with 1Tonne, Andy and a few others about NZ Airsoft and will be looking forward to promoting TAR on the NZ Airsoft website soon.

Cheers for the fun afternoon guys, next time I'll be playing!

Link to the TAR Facebook Page.

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